Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dorm Room Design

Well as you may know,  I moved to college this week and so far it' been going really well! I've made a bunch of great new friends and my professors are all awesome. Not to mention the campus is so beautiful right now with all the fresh flowers in bloom and the green grass contrasting next to carefully designed architecture.

Something I really enjoy doing is interior design, so as you can imagine I take dorm styling seriously! First off I've been tired of looking for cute ideas for designing a dorm room on the internet and running into tacky looking images of rooms that look less then comfortable. It's amazing how easy it is to create a space that not only looks good but feels good. Dorm rooms should be a cozy place to come to after a long day of studying and trekking around campus.

I wanted my room to be bright yet corky, something that could bring some sunshine to rainy Portland. I chose this duvet cover from Urban Outfitters because I loved how different it was. I'd never seen a greenish yellow bed spread before and I loved how it would be something I could keep clean easily unlike white or black bedding. For my sheets I couldn't resist these beautiful red polka dot sheets from Anthropologie  so I bravely waited for them to go on sale...and they finally did (kinda meant to be)!! I then picked some fun bright colored pillows to toss on my bed. I ended up finding some affordable ones at Urban Outfitters and World Market. To add definition I placed a cozy Target body pillow behind the other pillows.  Then I collected a few things for wall art to give it that final touch. I found that butterfly poster at Urban Outfitters, My friend gave me the Fantastic Mr Fox art print as a gift, below I have a pic of my adorable cat when he was a kitten, and I found that sweet wood quote at Joann's Crafts.

I hope I've inspired you to add a little bit flare to your dorm rooms as well!



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